Prevent Foreclosure - WI/MN
The process of going through a short sale is not as easy as it may'll need an experienced advocate to help you get the job done.
Prevent Foreclosure:
Your options to prevent foreclosure depend on how far along you are into the foreclosure process. Remember, the earlier you are in foreclosure proceedings, the easier it is prevent them.
If you are not facing foreclosure, but have fallen far enough behind on whatever loan is secured by your home to be worried about the prospect of foreclosure, contact your lender and explain the situation. People are surprised to learn how flexible lenders can be in this area, but they have just as much incentive to keep you in your home as you do. Lenders make money by collecting interest payments from you, and the more stable that stream of payments, the better. Besides, homes sold out of foreclosure proceedings expose the lender to all sorts of risks, mostly that the proceeds from the foreclosure sale won't cover the loan and that other lenders senior to them may get all the proceeds before they do and their loans won't be covered at all.
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